Member Nations

Membership of the Commonwealth Fencing Federation is open to national governing bodies of fencing in Commonwealth countries.

The current member bodies are:

Flag - Australia Australia
Website: Australian Fencing Federation

Flag - Bangladesh Bangladesh
Facebook page: Bangladesh Fencing Association

Flag - BArbados Barbados
Facebook page: Barbados Fencing Federation

Flag - Belize Belize
Facebook page: Belize Fencing Federation

Flag - Botswana Botswana
Facebook page: Botswana Amateur Fencing Society

Flag - Brunei Darussalam Brunei Darussalam
Website: Brunei Darussalam Fencing Federation

Flag - Canada Canada
Website: Canadian Fencing Federation

Flag - Cyprus Cyprus
Website: Cyprus Fencing Federation

Flag - Cyprus Dominica
Facebook page: Dominica Fencing Association

Flag - England England
Website: England Fencing

Flag - Ghana Ghana
Facebook page: Ghana Fencing Association

Flag - Guernsey Guernsey
Website: Guernsey Union d'Éscrime

Flag - India India
Website: Fencing Association of India

Flag - Isle of Man Isle of Man
Facebook page: Isle of Man Fencing Association

Flag - Jamaica Jamaica
Website: Jamaican Fencing Federation

Flag - Jersey Jersey
Facebook page: Jersey Fencing

Flag - Malaysia Malaysia
Website: Malaysian Fencing Federation

Flag - Malta Malta

Flag - Mauritius Mauritius
Facebook page: The Fencing Federation of Mauritius

Flag - Namibia Namibia

Flag - New Zealand New Zealand
Website: New Zealand Amateur Fencing Association Incorporated

Flag - Nigeria Nigeria
Facebook page: Nigerian Fencing Federation

Flag - Northern Ireland Northern Ireland
Website: Northern Ireland Fencing Union

Flag - Republic of South Africa Republic of South Africa
Website: South African Amateur Fencing Association

Flag - Rwanda Rwanda
Facebook page: Rwanda Fencing Federation

Flag - Rwanda Samoa

Flag - Scotland Scotland
Website: Scottish Fencing

Flag - Sierra Leone Sierra Leone

Flag - SingaporeSingapore
Facebook page: Fencing Singapore

Flag - Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Facebook page: National Association of Fencing Sri Lanka

Flag - Wales Wales
Website: Welsh Fencing


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