Veteran Events

The Commonwealth Fencing Veteran Championships is for fencers aged 40 and above, and has been held every two years since 1995.

After the 2009 event, the Championships changed from odd-numbered to even-numbered years, with every second event being held in conjunction with the Commonwealth Fencing Open Championships.

In 2017, the CFF Executive approved a proposal to distinguish, in format and naming, between events held in conjunction with the Open Championships, and those in the intervening years.

  • The Commonwealth Veteran Championships held every four (4) years in conjunction with the Commonwealth Open Championships. This event will have an overall champion at each weapon, along with age group champions.
  • An additional Age Group Championship held every four years in the intervening years. There will be age group champions, but no overall champion.

Upcoming Championships

2018 - Australia

The next Commonwealth Fencing Championships (Open and Veteran) in Canberra on 23-28 November 2018. See the official website for the event.

Download invitation to 2018
Commonwealth Senior and Veteran Championships (.pdf document) Commonwealth Open and Veteran Championships invitation